Cinema Bozar Screening, Brussels

June 12, 2014: Curators Fabrizio Terranova and Xavier Garcia Bardon will present screening of my video work at Cinema Bozar in Brussels Belgium. Thanks so much to the Canada Council Media Arts for their generous travel grant.

From their program notes: “Lorna Boschman (CAN, 1955) has been a documentary and media artist since 1986, after working in children’s theatre and touring as a stand-up comic. Her work focuses on the topics of gender, citizenship, community, gay and butch culture, health and illness in surprisingly poetic, lyric pieces where a generous approach to documentary combines with a very unusual use of video effects. Her sense of image composition is simply out of this world. Boschman has been involved in media workshops with people with developmental disabilities and has co-created Jill & Lorna’s Kitchen, a feminist TV cooking show. Although completely unknown in Europe, Boschman’s work has shown at many festivals and venues, including the MoMA in New York.”

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