Jill & Lorna’s Kitchen

Jill Mandrake (producer & host) and Lorna Boschman (director & editor) created a YouTube channel by filming in our kitchen. We show that anyone can learn to cook basic dishes provided they are able to overcome those inevitable obstacles. In the episode below, Jill and Lorna’s Kitchen goes on location to Milan, Italy, in search of a perfect meal with wonderful new friends at O’.

This late night dinner was cooked on a hot plate in the gallery during a week of Lorna Boschman-directed screenings at O’. The show was curated by Sara Serighelli, Pia Bolognesi, and Giulio Bursi. Jill insisted that Lorna speak Italian during the filming. Since the series began, we have toured multiple kitchens, from Richmond’s Finn Slough (Mother Daughter Bake-off) to Milan’s O’ Gallery (Milano).

Our episodic cooking show, Jill and Lorna’s Kitchen, travels to exotic Finn Slough (outside Vancouver BC), home of Lady Justice (Governor General Award winning multidisciplinary artist Margaret Dragu) and her daughter Aretha. Using comedic banter while exchanging recipes, the work embodies the process of sharing culinary secrets between generations. Bonus Feature: Learn how to bake bread and make Super Student Salad.

The Jill and Lorna’s Kitchen series is an ongoing collaboration between Jill Mandrake and Lorna Boschman devoted to preparing simple Canadian meals. With this episode, we go back to basics — yes, we yearn for a simpler time, when apples and pumpkins from the garden were the chief ingredients for a down home supper with the kinfolks. We plant ginger sprouts and give shameless kitchen hints with explicit instructions for food preparation. Who’s the bigger ham?

“Jill & Lorna’s Kitchen won’t be cooking tonight; we’ll be dancing. Horse hair!” (The hardwood floor at Danceland has a sub-floor with ropes of horsetail). Filmed on location at Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan, Canada. The music is by Sister DJ & the Hired Hands. The movie still is from “Carnival of Souls” featuring Candace Hilligoss.