just being

Storyteller, author and visual artist: Verena Stefan
Video camera: Myriam Fougère
Mentor and editor: Lorna Boschman
Sound Recordist: Magenta Baribeau
Cancer’s Margins Principal Investigator: Dr. Mary Bryson at the University of British Columbia. Funding: CIHR.

Verena Stefan (1947-2017), writer and director of “just being”, was a Swiss German writer, translator and Creative Writing teacher who resided in Montreal since 1998. She collaborated with Lorna Boschman during a weekend workshop in Montreal, part of the Cancer’s Margins research study that used community digital storytelling as well as interviews.

You can read two of her stories at triviavoices.net: DOE A DEER and WE LIVE AS TWO LESBIANS in:
trivia #11: Are Lesbians going extinct? #2 triviavoices.net
There is a French translation of her novel FREMDSCHLÄFER (Zurich, 2007) on Lesbian love, immigration and cancer: D’AILLEURS (Montréal, 2008)